Clicking on the icon "I confirm the order" implies that the "buyer" bought the goods presented and accepted this contract of sale.

The purchase of a good or service on this web site assumes acceptance of the conditions set out below.

Article 1 Purpose of sale


This contract concerning goods or services concluded between the company DOLPHIN SHOP and a consumer within a sales or service delivery distance.

Being a sales contract concluded at a distance e-commerce in an electronic mode, the company DOLPHIN SHOP will identify itself to the consumer.

The company DOLPHIN SHOP company with capital of € 7,622.45 which is headquartered in Chemin de Colovrex, Buroparc Airport 01210 Ferney Voltaire registered with the Trade and Companies Bourg en Bresse under number 383 528 734 No. management 91 B 699, Tel. : 04 50 40 95 08.

Article 2 essential characteristics of goods and services


The company DOLPHIN SHOP offers the consumer the essential characteristics of the goods and services ordered.

These qualitative and quantitative characteristics listed alongside each good or service when they are presented on the site.


These product offerings and services are limited to the territory of the European Union.

The offer of sale is for a fixed term. This period appears on the Web page with the good or service.

Therefore, the company DOLPHIN SHOP undertakes to deliver the goods or services ordered only on the EU territory.


The property is delivered by postal carrier or channel.


The photographs illustrating the products or services offered on the website is indicative only. In no event shall the liability of the company DOLPHIN SHOP may not be used in case of errors.

Article 3 commitment


The acceptance of the order is carried out through data entry appears on a screen.

When the consumer clicks on the icon of a hand "I agree" and secondly "I confirm the order", it is irrevocably linked. Acceptance can not subsequently be challenged except under Article "withdrawal period".

In fact, the automatic registration systems set up by the company

DOLPHIN SHOP are considered as proof of the conclusion of this contract of sale.

Article 4 personal information


When processing the order, personal data are collected consumer. The consumer confirms having read.

Accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978, the consumer has at any time the right to access and correct the data.


This data processing implemented by the company DOLPHIN SHOP has been regularly reported to the CNIL with the number 1343416 issued on 30-01-09.

Article 5 price


Prices are in euros.

All Prices include all taxes.

Shipping fees also add to the price. The amount of these fees is on the Web page with the product or service.

Article 6 order confirmation


The consumer will receive a confirmation of the order within 3 days or later than the date of delivery.

This confirmation will be made by electronic mail (e-mail). It will outline the essential characteristics of the property, its price and payment terms, after-sales and delivery terms service.


The content of these order confirmations is archived by the company DOLPHIN SHOP They are considered as proof of the consumer's consent to this transaction and date.

Article 7 period of retraction


The consumer has a cooling off period of seven (7) days of receipt by him of the goods ordered.


This withdrawal period is extended to thirty (30) days in the event that the company DOLPHIN SHOP would not have sent the order confirmation.


Upon exercise of the right of withdrawal, the company DOLPHIN SHOP will reimburse the sums paid to the consumer within a maximum of thirty (30) days. However, the consumer may waive the repayment and opt for the exchange of good.

However, no withdrawal period will be granted for the purchase of a product under seal (provision of computer software, newspapers ...). Similarly, the consumer can exercise his right of withdrawal in case of provision of services if performance has begun with his agreement before the end of the seven (7) days.

Article 8 payment method


Payment for goods and services ordered is done in two ways:


- Deferred payment at the time of delivery by credit card


However, the consumer may revoke the payment order in the event of a fraudulent use of the credit card.

Article 9 Delivery


The company DOLPHIN SHOP undertakes to deliver the goods sold within thirty (30) days of the order.

If the property is not available, the consumer will be informed as soon as possible and will then seek reimbursement of amounts paid or opt for an exchange.

Delivery time (expressed in number of days) is defined in days.

In all cases, the company DOLPHIN SHOP is released from its obligation to deliver in the event of force majeure <incendie, inondation, grèves> or reasons beyond its control.

Delivery will take place at the consumer's home or place of work. Shipping fees are borne by the consumer.


The ordered goods travel at the risk of the purchaser. Upon receipt of the goods ordered, the consumer check the general appearance of the property. Any objection must be made ​​with the carrier within three (3) days of delivery.

The coordinates of the carrier shown on the purchase order and confirmation of the order.

Article 10 guarantees and after-sales services


The consumer benefits from the legal one-year warranty; it covers all defects that could present the goods ordered. This warranty begins on the date of delivery of the goods ordered.

In case of failure reported by the consumer, the company DOLPHIN SHOP will repair or replace at its expense defective goods.

Any return shipping costs are the responsibility of the consumer.

In no event will the company DOLPHIN SHOP will be required to repair the damage caused by defective goods.

The company DOLPHIN SHOP accepts no responsibility for the misuse or misapplication of the goods ordered.

Article 11 Security of transactions


The company claims to have implemented the required safety devices for secure transactions. To do this, the DOLPHIN SHOP company is affiliated with a certification body. These encryption methods have been the subject of an authorization number <number> accordance with the legislation in force.

Article 12 Settlement of disputes


In the event of a dispute regarding the interpretation and execution of this contract, the parties agree that, prior to any legal action, they agree to submit their dispute to mediation Centre Mediation and Arbitration of Paris .

If mediation fails, any dispute arising from this contract under the jurisdiction of the court where the consumer is domiciled.

Article 13


The parties agree that this contract is subject to French law.


Done at Ferney Voltaire on 29/01/2009